Future Past Decision

Do you know the decisions we make in the present can ha a negative or positive impact in the future? Human beings have to make decisions almost every day in their lives, You can make a decision based on the type of food you want to eat, starting a family, the type of school you’d like to attend, and many more. But you should not make haste while making tough decisions in your life. Always think things through before making any decision, and consider the impact that, that decision may have on your life. Nobody knows what the future holds. But we can be able to plan for the future through the decisions we make in the present. That’s why people have future and present goals.


For today's topic, we are going to discuss Ebony and the decision she made, we are later going to tie her story to one of the stories in the scripture.



April had Ebony before she got married to Charles, Charles helped April in raising her girl. He took her to good private schools and paid all her school fees throughout elementary and high school. April and Charles have two children together. Now that his own kids are going to school, he wants to spend the least amount of money on Ebony. Ebony is now 18 years old and is about to join college. Her parents asked her to join a school that is in their state so that they can save money on house rent and other things. Ebony is stubborn and doesn’t want to listen to them, she wants to join the college that is out of state so that she can be with her friends. Her stepfather warns her that he is not going to support her financially if she makes that decision. When the school year starts, Ebony goes to the college of her choice. After a month on her own, she began to struggle financially and called her mom for assistance. April loves her firstborn daughter and wants to give her everything but she knows her husband is not going to help her out. Despite him getting his bonus check, Charles wants to use the money to take his family on vacation during the holidays. April does not want to get into an argument with her husband over her daughter as Charles won't use the money on her. She is stuck as she also does not want her child to suffer. She calls you for advice what advice would you give her?


Consequences for your Decision

What would you do if you were Charles? Would you send her the money? Before she joined the school she was informed of everything that was going to happen if she went against her parents’ wishes. She made a bad decision and she is being punished for it. Ebony did not give a valid reason as to why she wanted to join the school. Being with her friends was not a good enough reason to go against their wishes. She is now in need of help and the one who is supposed to come to her rescue is not willing to help her. Do you think Charles is wrong for not helping her out? He should provide her with a solution as he is still her parent, he should ask her to transfer schools. If she refuses, she will just have to look for work to support herself. Do you have a child? What would you do if you ever find yourself in the same situation as Charles? Her mother should also talk her into switching schools.


The Israelites Demand for a King

 Ebony’s story relates to one of the stories in the scriptures. You can find the story in the book of 1 Samuel chapter8:1-21

 Samuel was getting old and his sons Joel and Abijah were corrupt and did not live the same way he did. The elders of Israel met with him and spoke to him on behalf of the people of Israel, they asked him to give them a king to lead them. Samuel thought their decision to have a king was a bad idea so he prayed to the lord about it. The Lord told him to give the people what they wanted for they had rejected Him as their king. The Lord also told Samuel to warn the people about how the king would mistreat them. And that a time would come when the people would cry because of the king but the lord would not come to their rescue, despite being warned, the people still demanded for a king as they wanted to be like other nations. Samuel gave the people what they wanted and their decision affected their future as they were mistreated and enslaved by the king.


Just like the people of Israel, Ebony made the wrong decision. She therefore had to suffer the consequences for going against her parents just like the Israelites suffered for going against the Lord. What are your thoughts on this topic?