Entanglement of Love

Carlton and Kyle are brothers who are one year apart. Carlton is the oldest and he is really close with his younger brother Kyle. They have always done everything together all through their childhood. They have a friend named Marissa but they both call her Rissa. Rissa is the same age as Kyle but she has always had feelings for Carlton. Carlton knows this and he has been flirting with her from time to time. Carlton plans to join the army right after high school, he tells Rissa that once he gets established he would come back for her. Things take a turn for the worst as during deployment Carlton’s unit got captured and the army assumed he was dead. After some time Marissa and Kyle fell in love and got married, seven years later the army finds out that Carlton is still alive and works out a trade deal to get him and his army partners back to their families. When Carlton’s family finds out he’s still alive they all get filled with joy. Rissa realizes that she still has feelings for him as he has always been her first choice. The only reason he married his brother is because she thought he was dead. Rissa goes ahead and volunteers to help nurse Carlton back on his feet again.

What advice would you give Rissa?

Is it right to dismiss your marriage just because you want to rekindle your old fling? Marriage is a covenant made between two people and God, hence marriage is sacred. Rissa should think about Kyle and all the years they have shared together, is it really worth it to throw all of that away just because she wants Carlton back? Why would she marry Kyle if she knew she still loved his brother, even though she believed he was dead? Her actions are not justified. She has to realize that so many years have passed by and things can’t go back to the way they were. This is something that she has to figure out for herself. If she makes one wrong move she could ruin her relationship with her husband and also may cause a drift between the two brothers. Carlton is in a really bad state and I don’t think he would be able to deal with all the drama that would arise if Rissa decides to divorce Kyle because of him.

Even if she decides to throw her marriage away do you think Carlton would betray his younger brother because of her?

If Rissa doesn’t think this through, she may lose everything. What’s your take in this situation?